Business lines, calls & broadband packages

Specialists in delivering cost saving lines, calls and broadband packages. Unlimited UK national / mobile call packages available. ADSL business broadband to dedicated high-speed fibre broadband.

Lines, Calls & Broadband

At Click.IP we specialise in a wide range of business lines and network services connecting you to the world.

We have worked hard to build lasting relationships with the big telecommunications providers and as a result can offer landline calls, line rental and fibre broadband solutions directly to the end user at competitive rates.

With a wide range of packages available through us, we can work with you to identify your line and call requirements and we’ll give you the most appropriate tariff at a competitive price. We can seamlessly support the transfer of your current services over.

Along our line and call packages we offer a comprehensive series of feature-packed business phone systems (on-premises or cloud), business broadband and corporate mobile solutions, we can take care of all your communication requirements in a simple package bundle.

Tailored Solutions at the Right Price

We work closely with you to identify the most appropriate line and call package to deliver the best service for you. As well as providing complementary solutions to help you manage existing services, we offer new modern SIP trunks, traditional PSTN, ISDN2e and ISDN30e circuit installations to complement our telephone PBX systems or any existing third party voice/data equipment being utilised within your organisation.

Comprehensive Complementary Services

To complement our fast fibre broadband and line packages, we offer internal network cabling services ranging from CAT5e, CAT6e and POFF fibre optics.

Why settle for fibre optics outside the premises when we can offer fibre optic cabling to the desk.

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